TAROT Roots of Asia


I consider myself:
A Tarot Student, A Tarot Enthusiast, A Deck Collector, A Tarot Teacher, A Tarot Author, A Deck Creator, A Tarot Professional
What is Your Favorite Deck(s)?
Osho Zen Tarot , Alchemical Tarot and Roots of Asia Tarot
Who is Your Favorite Tarot Author(s)?
Ma Deva Padma and Robert M. Place
Introduce yourself to the other Members and tell us a little about you:
I am the author of Roots of Asia Tarot . Thank you very much for your interesting in my deck. I have established Tarot Hermitage in my country, Thailand . Here , we practice insight meditation ,Tarot and Tai Chi . We do hope that we can help this world be better together as we are not alone . My very best wishes to all of you my Tarot comrade, my lovely Tarot families:)
Thaworn Boonyawan

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