I had my Tarot Reading from MoonSunWorld and I loved it !!

Have you ever watched MoonSunWorld's You Tube video?
If you haven't, I strongly recommend you to visit her account right now.
Whether you are a tarot cards enthusiast or not, she is such a sweet heart to listen to.

I've been watching her mesmerizing videos for days and developing my admiration for her creativity but never thought of having any personal reading.
Because I was so satisfied with just watching any of her videos, even they were all readings for some other clients of hers.

She creates a beautiful atmosphere for you with colorful tarot cloths, candles and back ground music.
You can really be comfortable and feel at home almost like you are sitting in front of her at her own home.

More astonishment is the very low price and length of each readings.

In addition to that, if you send any review for her reading or ask any question through her Etsy shop account, you will receive such a thoughtfully warm and sweet appreciation and encouragement email right away.
You will realize that you have developed a friendship not only with her but with all the Angels, Saints, Gods or maybe a strong realization with your own Higher-Self.

I don't think I can have any greater tarot reading in Japan for this high quality, unfortunately, I hope I'm wrong but...

Usually you get a reading with only one deck.
Well, sometimes if you're very lucky, you'll be able to see two different decks.

But with MoonSunWorld's reading, she will offer to use two, three, four five decks for one session, depending on the item you choose!!!
WOW, how generous she is!!!

Please visit her and have a look by yourself.

Her You Tube account is here.

Wonderful wonderful tarot reading by her from her Etsy shop.

Have a great experience!!
Please tell her I said hello, OK?
Many blessings to you all!!

MoonSunWorld seems to be sick for these days because she's not giving any reply on her Etsy shop. Please make sure whether she contacts you back or not before you purchase any reading or item. I hope she'll get well soon. 

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