The Hierophant Explains Intuition - Part 2

This article continues on from "The Hierophant Explains Intuition" and the question "How can the reader be affected by the subconscious suggestions of the seeker if the seeker is not present? In fact how can anybody pick up any kind of suggestion just by looking at them?".

It seems that the Kabbalists knew a little more than we did since the Tarot is based upon the Wisdom of the Kabbalah, the answer may be found if we can delve a little further in to the idea of ‘Hearing’ attached to the letter Vau -  the Hebrew letter of the Hierophant.

A Little Alchemic Background Information....

I said in a 'The Magic of Tarot Imagery' that the watery robe of the High Priestess symbolises the Alchemists concept of the first matter, that is the basic unit of matter that pervades the universe but which appears to us as the various forms and objects. We may imagine this first matter as atoms. Everything is made up of atoms, including you and me, and the chairs we are sitting on. The alchemists actually viewed this first matter as mental energy and substance and term it symbolically as Water. They came to this realisation because of their observation of the rules and principles on which the universe is built. Remember that observation is The Magician and that observation is the essence of all sciences.

The Maxim ‘as above, so below’ is a saying that surmises the observation that what is above is the same as what is below. The gigantic planets whirling around our sun above are indeed reflected below in the tiny, tiny  protons and neutrons, quarks etc whiling inside the atom.

The Alchemists concept of the cosmic egg (above)  is derived from the female ova (below).The female ova contains all the material needed to evolve into a baby. The ova is whole and complete before it is penetrated by the sperm. Once fertilised it begins to divide, first into two and then into four, and then into eight and so one. Until the ova receives a sperm it cannot divide, in fact nothing in the universe can begin to reproduce until it is divided into two...... another universal principle that can be observed throughout nature. If the female ova contains the substance of the fetus (below), then the Alchemists were of the view that the comic egg  (the universe) contains the substance of the universe (above) known to us as atoms. Everything is really an atom, inside an atom, ever dividing from the solar system above, to the atoms spinning below, forming babies in the womb, and dividing to make the various form we perceive in the universe as objects.
Now if the egg is the substance, equivalent to the alchemist’s Water (symbolised by the robe of the High Priestess, and the net of The High Priestess in the Thoth Tarot, right), then the sperm is equivalent to the alchemist fire, because it is the active penetrating force that animates and gives life to the receptive, negative substance of the egg.

The Sperm-Like Observer Effect...

Now we can apply this concept to the human mind. I said in my first article that self conscious 'Magician' is equivalent to the masculine part of our brains (the Alchemist's 'Fire' and the Sperm), and the subconscious 'High Priestess'  is the feminine, receptive part of our minds (the Alchemist's 'Water', the female ova and the atom).

The mind itself is made up of atoms that are part of the entire network of atoms that make up our universe, as we know it. When the self conscious, ‘sperm’ part of our mind acts upon the subconscious part of our minds, it is really acting upon the substance of the universe to first create form (a collection of atoms) in the mind,  and also a collection of atoms in the material universe  The fact that we are made of atoms, automatically puts us in touch with every other atom in the universe (Perhaps this is why mothers always know when something is wrong!) Even better then that are brains, or rather our self conscious mind is designed to effect changes in the make up of those atoms! 

The observer effect so talked about in tthe field of Quantum Physics (A science of observation - The Magician) has actually picked up on the fact that the atom changes when we observe it! The atom as substance actually changes when our self conscious 'Magician' observes the substance. The Kabbalists and Alchemists already knew this, and as the Tarot is derived by the same understanding, it has it locked into it’s symbolism.

In the Tarot Tableau The first column containing The Magician, Strength, and The Devil symbolises that observation (Magician) affects the substance of the subconscious which affects the substance (Strength) of the limited forms of the universe that make up our surrounding environment (The Devil). This all pervading substance is also linked to the Kabalistic world of Briah, and also to the Neschamah aspect of the human soul. Perhaps these concepts can also be termed as the 'collective unconscious'. The idea of a parallel universe may be understood from the point of view that every atom is parallel with, and exists in complete harmony with next atom. What happens in 'our atoms', causes a reaction across them all. 

But what has this got to do with intuition? 

If we understand that the universe is made up with atoms and that we can change them just by observing them by using that marvelous ‘atomic processor’ called our brain. then we should also be able to listen to those atoms, since they are part of the entire network of atom that constitutes the material world and the brain.  Listening, is to hear, and hearing is done by our ears which are sensitive to those sounds vibrations we hear as words. Except vibration isn’t just limited to words, vibration exists throughout the material universe in the make up and movement of atoms (Brings a whole new meaning to 'The Word of God;). If we become receptive, that is, if we listen we should be able to listen in on the network of vibrating atoms constituting our universe and to use use self conscious 'observing mind' to discern what we're 'hearing'.

The Word of God!

The Hierophant actually means 'to listen to God'. If we assume that the term God means 'the maker of the universe' and therefore the atoms that constitute it, then listening to God actually means to not only connect to his essence but to his whole being we know as the material universe. Man would indeed be the mediator of God because we posses a brain that is part of that network of atoms and which is able to understand and control them. The blue robe underneath The Hierophant's feminine garments symbolise that Wisdom comes from listening to the atomic substance of the 'subconscious High Priestess' using the self consious part of mind (the male figure).

Back to the Question....

Earlier I said “If the reader becomes subconsciously (indirectly aware) of the idea's of the seeker, then the reader may also be indirectly ware that he or she is drawn to certain cards in his/her Tarot deck when shuffle the cards.

Intuition is......

If we take into account the concept just discussed, we could say the reader is subconsciously affected by the both the seekers physical suggestions and the atomic make-up of his body and circumstances.The seeker is subconsciously drawn to certain cards of the Tarot because the reader is subconsciously listening to the network of atoms that constitutes the seeker and his place in the material universe.

It seems then that we are in fact viewing the atomic make-up of our environment through the Tarot cards, but the cards are showing what is happening around us now, not what will happen in the future. Interpretation depends on the reader being able to use that knowledge to help the seeker decide how to reshape his circumstances, or reshape those atoms, into a much more favourable environment. 

Do We Change The Future Just By Knowing About It?

My conclusion is that we don’t change the future just by knowing what our current circumstances are because we would just be maintaining our present situation in the future. We change the future by observing our current circumstances, and by using our understanding of those circumstances to imagining something better. Observation is the key to everything and this is why 'The Magician' is the first numbered card of the deck and whose symbolism depicts the simple act of looking. Knowing what we want to change in our minds allows our 'atomic subconscious' to go about effecting those changes as seen in the Strength and The Star cards.

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