How Do You Read This Spread?



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Rider Tarot(ライダー・タロット) アレンジ版


This spread has been sitting here to be read for days.
 I've been trying to read this
but my mother tongue Japanese is 
a very conservative language 
to express my rather immorall private matters. . .
So I wasn't able to manifest it out, yet.

Tarot is a mirror 
to reveal your inner most secrets.
Deep down yourself, 
the place you comprehend matters beyond words, 
you already know what it means.
But you disguise yourself as if you haven't even noticed it 
and keep running away from it.

Then, eventually, 
the secret become overwhelming 
to withhold inside of you.
So the message starts to bubble up more and more 
grabbing your attention ambitiously.

Don't be afraid.
Be open to whatever it has to say.

Your higher self is actually here to give you an oracle,
a very important message of your life.

It is not to harm you nor to destroy anything in your life
but rather, 
to celebrate your soul, 
your eternal self.

Tangible world seems so fragile 
comparing with intangible matters.
It is so humongous that you build up fear towards it  
and try to protect your carefully created little life
here on this local planet.

Let it go out.
Let it manifest into the world.
Something extraordinary is about to happen. 

Maybe I'll post my reading,
or maybe not...
Can you guess what's on my mind?

① sweetheart 愛しい人  ① Fool 愚者

② lover 恋人 ② Death 死神

③ house 家 ③ Hanged Man 吊られた男

⑦ ecclesiasticキリスト教的な ⑦ Knight of Swords ソードのキング

⑧ loss 損失 ⑧ Page of Pentacles ペンタクルのページ
Sorry, it's blurred.

⑨ jealousy 嫉妬 ⑨ King of Swords ソードのキング

④ widow 未亡人 ④ 3 of wands ワンドの3

⑤ hope 希望 ⑤ 4 of wands ワンドの4

⑥ journey 旅 ⑥ King of Wands ワンドのキング

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